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Notes from #45 Shop Talk Show.

@csswizardry on the block. One hell of a fellow. Really love the guy. H, is a front-end architect. He's a senior developer but he is always writing CSS (totally love the irony). Let me start with putting down his views on IDs. They are completely subjective and make not sense. There's just too much going on the show. Not able to keep track of every single point, but they are talking of how IDs affect websites on a long term. It's more like a chain of events that start off once you start using IDs. Links to articles on the use of IDs - http://csswizardry.com/2012/11/code-smells-in-css/ http://www.zeldman.com/2012/11/21/in-defense-of-descendant-selectors-and-id-elements/ http://css-tricks.com/bad-code-dogmatism-etc/ http://css-tricks.com/a-line-in-the-sand/ The next part of the discussion is heading onto the major policy change in Expression Engine. 18 minutes into the show, they are talking of their decision on using WordPress. Pretty cool stuff happening on the show (haha). A little around 20 minutes and they are onto the Q & A (awesome). H, is telling about how he was working on inuit.css and ended up using variables for setting up so many things. 25 minutes through, and questions are coming for inuit.css - Why use it? Why not? Why bootstrap? I love @inuitcss Inuit.css doesn't make any design decisions for you. You decide your variables. 'It's a really hands-off framework.' Another brilliant quote - 'I would preplan to be flexible in the future.' Another mention of a really interesting tool called Mixture - http://mixture.io I am pretty much done. I was hearing to the entire show in the background it really is amazing. You get to hear so much in a couple of minutes and makes you think. Thank you everyone.

18 April 2013